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“Make No Mistake”

A phrase of pure arrogance and narrow-mindedness exploited by the Bush administration for every mistake made from our response to 9-11 to the Afghanistan campaign to the “war” in Iraq – that I have now heard repeated by President Obama in reference to the Great Recession.  While thumbs way up on dialogue with Iran (just don’t be afraid to look in those dark and scary places, please), thumbs down on reinscribing the culture of arrogance and frivolity (would have rather he saved the money and jet fuel for the more important trip to Copenhagen at the end of the month!) that seems practically ontological in U.S. politics…


Could it be that the so-called economic recovery we are seeing is precisely because of job losses?  Less money needed to pay for workers means less debt and further decline in capital, right?  I’m just glad there are people out there still rich and empowered enough that I can run errands for them and scrub their toilets.  It does not matter how many letters you have after your name, satyagraha can still be practiced in the Green Zones of the wealthy…


If I could have – and believe me, I tried – voted for Obama, I would have, and still would. (Did I punctuate that all correctly?)  I was ensconced in Darjeeling, a Himalayan town culturally Nepali but politically Indian (Bengali at that), when the election was going on.  Strangled by the despotic stage government of West Bengal, the communications systems in Darj aren’t the best, so trying to fax in my ballot did not quite work out.  But having won by just-about a landslide victory (which I had followed all night long on BBC), my vote for Obama was secured by others, I suppose…  What else I see happening with/out my agency – the deification of Obama.  I was the thirteen year old white girl hanging posters of Nelson Mandala in her junior high locker, and always use Why We Cannot Wait by Martin Luther King Jr. in classes that I teach – but the bandwagon of Obama commodification and deification makes me uneasy.  What makes me want to share my unease?  I went to the opening reception for the Open Studios program in Boulder last night.  Artworks from local artists were on display to lure potential visitors (and customers) to artist studios over the next two weeks.  I went there specifically to see the work of one of my colleagues from my Museum Studies days (she is an incredibly talent anatomical illustrator with a surrealist bent, and a wicked, dry sense of humor: www.deadwilder.com), and in the process saw a bronze bust of Obama done by another local artist.  “Make no mistake,” I supported Obama as a presidential candidate and now count on him as a president, but let’s just CHILL on the deification for a spell, contemplate the course of history, what it means truly to recover, learn compassion and wisdom from mistakes (WHEN you do actually end up making one), and wait to fly to Cophenhagen when it means the fate of the planet and our co-species co-existence, not gratifying the nationalistic and highly problematic side-show the Olympics.


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  1. rimorainbowbody said:

    The Lama & Obama – By Tsoltim N. Shakabpa

    A meeting with the Dalai Lama Obama has deferred
    But the Dalai Lama has not been nor will he be deterred
    He seeks peace, not glamour
    Nor the power of the hammer
    For the Dalai Lama is Buddha Gautama
    And only human is President Obama

    Copyright: Tsoltim N. Shakabpa – September 2009

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