Exploring the human and greater-than-human world


(“MountainGirl”) Productions births films, exhibitions, performances and publications for the rebirth of human ideas, experiences, culture and consciousness.
“rimo” comes from a Tibetan legend about a shepherd who sees the most beautiful woman in a dream one day while grazing his sheep in the mountains. In his dream, the Shepherd reaches out to touch her exquisite face, but she dissolves into rainbows at his touch. He awakens and is so compelled to sketch her face on the nearest rock before the memory, the still-almost-real dream experience of the beautiful mountain girl fades. The Shepherd tucks the carved rock in his clothes and descends to the village with his flock. Upon his return, people inquire about his day. In response, he proffers the rock he carved, telling the story of the beautiful woman, “mo” he dreamt of while in the mountains “ri.” Those who hear the story begin talking about the Shepherd’s “rimo.” They marvel how a dream about a beautiful woman – ephemeral as she is – can drive a man to carve her likeness on a rock and carry it around with him always. They sigh, so moved, and start seeing other possibilities of “rimo” in rocks, wood, fibers, precious stones, metals, bones, wax… ”Rimo” thus becomes the catchall word for what we can now call “art” – but not without the concept retaining the insistence on beauty and ephemerality so akin to a rainbow…

And the story can go on to include the materials, aesthetics, dreams and visions of the contemporary world, where Tibetans now span the globe in exilic diaspora, and globalization has pierced the “veil of mystery” and (barely) the iron curtain of Chinese communism in Tibet.

Given all the suggestions in the legend of “rimo,” rimo Productions seeks to inspire its audiences and fans by delivering beautiful yet soul-wrenching embraces of the ephemerality of human life. Through socially, environmentally and spiritually conscious films, exhibitions, performances and publications, audiences will feel the impact of rimo’s Productions soul-deep, where their personal experiences of love, truth, life and death are uncannily illuminated by the struggles and lessons of others.


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